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Friday, January 06, 2006

My Reason for Getting Out of Bed
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Until my hand gets out of the splint (I had carpal tunnel relase surgery), I will be working a lot with my PSP. Digital work seem easier right now.

I was in a silly mood when I created this piece. I found this really cool retro slide frame yesterday and the first thing it made me think of was the art on the wall of my favorite Starbucks. The idea's seems to flow from there. I'm thnking about printing out this one and hanging it in my kitchen.

I love coffee. I started drinking the stuff when I was a senior in High School and I had to open my sister's store at some un-godly early hour of the morning. Coffee quickly became my best friend. In college, I kept a coffee maker in my dorm room. Truth be told, I'd rather go to a coffee house than a bar. For the record, my favorite dessert is tirimisu.
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