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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
My little Devil Girl

I recently started making devil horn barettes to sell. Princess was forced to sit still and model them for me. They are sequin covered felt horns that can be made in any color. I'm working on a pink pair and a purple pair at the moment. I saw a picture of them and thought "Hey, I can make them. I'm pretty creative." They are really fun.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Domesticated Geek
I'm sitting online this morning, playing my favorite mmmorpg and I realized that I would blow the minds of a lot of the little geek-boy players on this game. My favorite online game is Tales of Pirates and I play a female sharpshooter. She's pretty cool with blue hair and a gun that can kill anything. I'm a fairly low stress, go around and shoot things for points type of character. I gather up items and bring them back to town to sell. My character is in town this morning selling stuff at a market stall she set up. While running a stall, you can't really do anything, so I'm sitting here in front of computer working on my daughter's crochet sock. I"m a domesticated geek. Instead of chatting with online friends, I'm crocheting.


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Sunday, October 07, 2007
The New Bathroom Rug
This rug is approved by Harry Potter the Cat.
I needed another rug for in the bathroom. It seems that every time Princess (also known as Godzilla in Tokyo) takes a bath she manages to flood the bathroom so much the rug gets soaked. Last week we saw a little Noah sailing an ark across the rug. So I set about making a rug or two for around the house. I wanted something that would last, look good, and absorb the water from Godzilla's bath. It took about a week to make but I think the rug is awesome. It's double strand, single crochet in a pattern I made up. It is 1/4 inch thick and is so nice to step on. The white yarn is acrylic just because I couldn't find my white cotton. All the yarn comes from recycled sweaters. Hubby now thinks I should make rugs to sell.
As soon as I finished the rug and laid it on the floor, Harry claimed it.

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