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Saturday, July 05, 2008
I never knew I owned so much

I've been busy preparing for the move. Did you know that I have a least 4 bins of yarn and a bin of sweaters to recycle. Should all the sheep get mange (goddess forbid) I will have enough wool to survive until they can get the sheep producing wool again. I've been busy cleaning out. The local Freecycle group is benefiting from my packrat ways. I will have more living space in the new apartment, but I will have less storage space.
The image on the left is the basic floor plan of my new home. It's very roomy with lots of nice details. I'm now getting very excited about getting the move over with.
We celebrated the Forth with dinner with a friend and some packing. Quiet fun is sometimes nice. The humidity has been horrid so I've been doing my best to stay cool. I can't do the heat and humidity. I'm a winter baby, happiest when it's cold.


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