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Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Great News
We have found our new home. It's a nice two bedroom is a wooded apartment complex. Princess has already decided that she is going to spend the rest of her summer by the pool at the complex. I've never lived in a complex before, so this should be an adventure. It's a nice, roomy place for the price and I'll have ac and a dishwasher again. Ok, I'm a little spoiled. All three of us are quiet happy with the new place and they are fine if Harry joins us. It is so hard finding a place that will let you have a cat without demanding an exorbitant amount as a pet fee. Come on, he's a cat, his hobbies are sleeping and sleeping on top of the computer monitor! What's he going to do? sleep too much for the neighbors?! I'm just glad we found a place, there's just something depressing about house hunting on a budget. This whole ordeal has been tiring. Now the chaos of packing begins. I will never figure out whose stuff we have because we have too much stuff here for just three people and a cat. Maybe the cat is the one collecting stuff. We are also clearing out a lot. The local Freecycle is going to love us.


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