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Thursday, April 24, 2008
A New Stand

For those who have been to the stand at Market and loved the old white stand, I'm sorry, it is no more. On April 12th, a group of us, lead by my one brother, tore out the old stand and built a new one. The new stand is more like a little store inside market or an old fashioned outdoor market stand than the dingy white stand that was there. We really stand out now. My brother designed the stand and assembled most of the pieces in his home, then we moved all the pieces in and built the stand. Cherie and Steve (my brother) along with a lot of helpers worked hard to make this stand come together. The picture to the left shows only a small section of the pre-fab pieces that we put together.
I will be taking pictures of the finished stand this weekend. It rocks. And it even has a ceiling fan, how cool is that. If you are in the York, PA area, stop in at the York Central Market and check us out.


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