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Monday, February 11, 2008
New in the Shop
Light on the Water Chopstick Holder

Thousands of trees die each year so we can enjoy sushi and Chinese food with disposible chopsticks. There is an environmentally friendly way to use chopsticks and not hurt the Earth, use reusable chopsticks. This little chopstick sleeve is great for keeping your reusable chopsticks clean and safe between meals. I use one to keep my chopsticks clean in my purse. And chopsticks come in handy for more than just eating sushi; I use mine as coffee stirrers at the local coffee bar and they are perfect for eating salads. Just remember to rinse or wipe off your sticks before putting them back into the sleeve.

This chopstick sleeve is hand crocheted from a colorful recycled acrylic yarn. It is big enough to hold a pair of reusable Chinese style or Japanese style chopsticks (sleeve comes with a pair of semi-reusable bamboo chopsticks). It is also great for holding knitting needles and paintbrushes.

Care Instructions: remove chopsticks, machine wash and dry.

Please note: I would love to make you a holder for your chopsticks, just email me and we can work out the details.

Chopstick holder can be found in my etsy shop www.mwstudios.etsy.com

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