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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
I Made Cupcakes
Don't get too excited, I didn't bake them. I did bake a white cake with shocking lavender colored icing the other day, but that's not what I'm happy about.
I love cake, it's one of those delightful things that is great in any weather. I'm not a big chocolate cake eater, unless it's a from scratch chocolate cake. My favorite cake is carrot cake. I grew up on spice cakes, but carrot cakes are just better.

Sorry, I seem to be rambling tonight. I guess it was that piece of cake I ate earlier.
Back to the cupcakes I made today. They look yummy, they have no calories, they are high in fiber (polyfil fiber to be exact), and they are sugar free. However, unless I had a strange diet, I would not eat them. They are pin cushions and they are almost cute enough to eat. They just remind me of little fairy cakes ready for a tea party.
The bases are chenille yarn and the frosting is acrylic with glass bead sprinkles. I stuffed them well so they will last for a while as pin cushions.

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