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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Meet my Winter Pets

I do believe that cabin fever has gotten to me. Above is a picture of my winter pets before they fell and died on this warm day. I was growning icicle pets on the front porch. I had a whole zoo of them spanning across the front. They were so pretty. This morning when I went to work, they were healthy and happy hanging off the rain gutter. Then when I came home, they were all laying in the yard melted. My pets are no more.
At least I still have my cat to console me. He's the only one who understands my unnatural obession with icicles and the art of growing them. Everyone one just humors me so I don't stick one of my pets down their pants. Did I mention I was training them to be attack icicles?
I'm feeling better today. Just a little tired and silly.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
When the Weather Outside is Frightful
And a fire would be so delightful,
I have no place to go,
Because I was sick, I was sick, I was sick.

It just lacks something from the original. We get this great storm full of snow and ice here and I'm too sick to go out sledding. UGH! Life is so not fair! This is the third month in a row that I've had an occurance of this illness. Let me tell you, UTI are nothing to fool around with. Last night, I was in the ER for 8 hours because I had pains in my abdomon and my doctor was afraid that I had kidney stones. Well, after some nice painkillers and a CaT scan, I can tell you that my guts are nice and healthy. Yippy! I have no stones in my kidneys (I was told they were exceptionally healthy) and my urinary tract looks nice (why thank you, I don't normally show my UT on the first date). So why am I gettting Infections every month? That is the medical mystery. They are going to take my urine sample and grow some of the bacteria that are living in it (urine in the body is normally sterile and not full of bacteria) so they can figure out what is causing my to get sick.

I'm tired of being sick. It's so cutting in to my art time and my sledding time. Hopefully, those who paid big bucks to go to medical school will figure out what is wrong with me. The good news is my guts are healthy and whatever I have is just a me thing (I'm not contagious or anything).

I'm not the only sickie in the house at the moment. Princess is off school again today with a chest cold. They never listen when you tell them to zip their coats do they? She was up half the night coughing and blowing her nose, so today she is going to hang with Grandma and rest.

Hopefully, things will be heathier around here soon. I have picture to show, but I need to upload them off the camera first.


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Happy Mushy Day
Mother Nature has given us a snowy Valentine this year. Actually, a snowy Valentine wouldn't be bad, it's the ice and freezing rain that suck. Yesterday was beautiful with the snowflakes falling. Last evening, things turned ugly. After dinner, sleet began to tap on the windows like a bunch of long nailed mice running on tissue paper. You could hear lots of little tippy taps hitting the side of the house. This morning we awoke to a freezing rain and unpassable streets. Hubby called off work because he couldn't get the car out of the driveway and Princess didn't have school. I spent the day waiting on the few brave (crazy or desperate) people who came to pick up thier orders. Everyone said the same thing about the roads--"They are horrible and people don't know how to drive in this."

Poor hubby, he worked most of today digging the cars out. He's feeling worn out. He says that at least he can get out of the drive tomorrow to go to work. I'm just hoping the roads don't freeze up too much.

Princess on the other hand, had a blast today. She and her buddies spent the day sledding in the back yard and having snowball fights. She's going to sleep very well tonight and I'm sure her buddies will be sleeping well. I already saw the notice that school has been canceled again tomorrow. Yippy, another day of wet clothes all over the living room.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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Monday, February 12, 2007
I'm still here

I make things, I take pictures of the things I make, and I forget to post them. I'm a bad blogger.
The above image is one I wanted to share earlier this month, but forgot to edit it for the blog. My sister-in-law has a January birthday and this is the card I made for her. The flower is from my quilling calendar and I designed the way to vine the flowers together. It looks a lot prettier in person than my crappy picture of it does. I've gotten into making cards lately. It's fun and it's a great way to play around with techniques and layouts.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007
Blessed Imbolc
A blessed Imbolc to one and all. May Brighid bless your hearth with joy, comfort, and love.

On a related note, the stupid, furry rodent, I mean weather predicting groundhog did not see his shadow this morning. Yeah! An early Spring! Of course, we got a nice coating of snow today. Everything looks so pretty and glittery white. I love when it snows.

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