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Friday, March 30, 2007
Meet Adelle and Oh, what a week it's been
May I introduce, Adelle. She's a cotton fabric type of girl with dreams of glamour and glitter. She's the practical sort (being a keychian and all), but she dreams of sunny windows and adoration. Adelle was adopted at the Pennsylvania Garden Show. She was one of the first keychain goddesses I made. Her body is stuffed with a calming blend of herbs that will make rush hour seem less stressful.

I could use a little less stressful in my life. I've been sick for the past week (since Saturday). I've been to see one specialist and have an appointment with another. I do know it's not a UTI that's making me sick and I have ideas of what it might be, but I'll wait for the specialist to tell me. In the meantime, I have Vertigo (sorry, not the U2 album). It's a reaction to one of the medicines the doctors gave me. It feels like I am on a roller coaster and the world won't let me off. So, yes, at the moment I am a dizzy blonde. I'll keep you posted on the illness as I find stuff out.

In other news, I will be working at Market tomorrow at the Earth Moon & Stars stand. Yeah! I'll get to spend time doing my thing and I won't be overly sick while doing it.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Meet Marrisa

Marrissa is a Dream Goddess. Her job is simple, she is to protect you while you sleep and keep all the bad dreams away. She likes her job, but at the moment, she has no one to watch over. I made her for the shop. She's a sweet, girly goddess filled with soft smelling floral herbs. I love this fabric, it's a cotton floral print. I believe I had made a shirt out of some of it when I was pregnant (I'll have to check my maternity clothes box.) The pattern for her body was a Ronda Kivett pattern that I modified. I know the right person is out there for her, they just haven't met yet. She can be found at the Central Market stand.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Teeth that will rot your teeth
I promised a picture of these a while back. These are gummi teeth or as they have been nicknamed Cheap Redneck Dentures. I haven't actually tried of yet, I do however have a 10 year old customer who thinks they are the greatest thing. They smell fruitty like a strawberry flavor. I have also been told that the trick is to stick them between your gums and lips and pretend they are your teeth.

Just to let you know, the Grand Opening of the Earth Moon & Stars Central Market stand will be this Saturday. We are going to have door prized and giveaways. If you are in the York area, stop in and say hi.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Busy like a Queen Bee

It has been a busy week for me. I was hit with another bout of illness last Thursday and I'm still recovering. Hopefully, they will find out what is wrong with me soon.

Things are moving along nicely for the Market Stand. Saturday, March 17 is our Grand Opening at the Central Market in York. Our stand is between Anstine's Candies and The Gypsy Garden. Hubby was down on Saturday helping get the stand ready and I have most of the display stuff packed to go down with me tomorrow. Things are getting tagged and inventories are being made. I'm so excited. If you get down to Market, stop in and say 'Hi".

I posted pics of two pairs of earrings I made last week. They are glass earrings. The top pair uses vintage beads. Both pairs will be for sale at the Market stand and on the web page.

Well, it's off to bed for me. I'm still working on those gummi teeth pictures and I'll have pics of the Market stand soon.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007
Snow Day
Yesterday was a snow day! You know, snow days are more fun then you are a kid, they are a pain when you are a grownup and a parent. I did have a lot of fun in my own way. I helped make Easter eggs and I learned a new skill. I have one of those great jobs where while I work, my daughter gets watched. Princess spent the day shoveling show, playing in snow, playing with a baby, and just hanging out. Meanwhile, I helped make coconut cream eggs (they smelled yummy), orange puff candies (had to taste test for quality control purposes, yummy), and peanut butter eggs and mini eggs (mini eggs were tested also for quality control purposes and they were yummy). I also learned to cup candy. Until I got the hang of it, all that went through my mind was when Lucy in I Love Lucy was working on the assembly line. I did much better than Lucy did.

After I got off work, Princess and her sous chef decided to play with their Easy Bake ovens. They made pizza and mac-n-cheese. Princess will make a wonderful cook someday as long as she doesn't keep losing her directions. She has the habit of laying them down and forgetting where she put them. It was like a comedy act in my kitchen. I told Hubby that Princess should have a cooking show on the Food Network, "Cooking with the Keystone Cops". I wish I could have taped it for you all. It was just like an old Keystone Cops movie, only with kids cooking.

All and all, it wasn't a bad snow day. Today, it's going to be a bit of Spring! Yeah right-it's a tropical 9F out there. So when you can't have Spring, you make your own Spring. I'm bringing the Easter candy down to the Market stand this morning. Along with some really cool St. Pat's Day candies. Yeah! The Easter Bunny has arrived in my candy stand.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Today was one of those frosty days that you just want to cuddle up inside and knit all day. However, since I'm not a bear, I don't get to hibernate. This morning, Princess' bus was late, I didn't mind the cold, but the wind just sucked the body heat right out of you. It was one of those cold winds that blew right right through my wool coat and left me feeling like an icicle. Sally, my car, didn't want to warm up this morning and she didn't start producing heat for me until I crossed Market Street (just in time to warm up before going into Market). Ugh! Now there is snow in the forcast. Snow won't be bad, as long as there is no wind.

Because of the cold, Market was quiet today. Being slow did give me plenty of time to put the new candies away. We've gotten fresh supplies of some old favorites and we're trying some new stuff. The weirdest thing we got was gummi teeth. They look like a set of out of wack dentures to me and they have a strawberry smell. I'll have to take a picture of them on Thursday to share with everyone. We also got one of my childhood favorites in, BB Bats! I don't know why, but I loved these things as a kid. I haven't tried them again, yet, and I'm really hoping they don't disappoint me.

I spent some time this evening getting ready for the market stand. I started to dig out the display fixtures we have. The jewelry holders are being sanded and repainted because the paint got chipped in storage. I also plan to give them a good sealer coat to keep them looking nice. I'm so excited about opening this stand. Please, come vistit me.
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Monday, March 05, 2007
Tired but Happy
It's been a busy weekend for me, actually the past week has been busy. I helped a friend run a booth at the Mid-Atlantic Garden Show this past weekend. If you made it to the show at the York Expo Center, I was the blonde at the Gypsy Garden booth. It was great fun. I also had a chance to show the dolls my company, The Earth Moon & Stars, makes. I received lots of great feedback on the dolls, sadly I didn't get a lot of sales.

The show was also great advertising for our latest project. The Earth Moon & Stars is coming to the York Central Market. Starting next week, we will be selling our dolls, jewelry, and gifts at a nice little stand between Anstine's Candy and The Gypsy Garden. Please stop by and say 'Hi".

Needless to say, I've been a busy puppy. And let me tell you, this blonde puppy needs a nap.

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