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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Busy like a Queen Bee

It has been a busy week for me. I was hit with another bout of illness last Thursday and I'm still recovering. Hopefully, they will find out what is wrong with me soon.

Things are moving along nicely for the Market Stand. Saturday, March 17 is our Grand Opening at the Central Market in York. Our stand is between Anstine's Candies and The Gypsy Garden. Hubby was down on Saturday helping get the stand ready and I have most of the display stuff packed to go down with me tomorrow. Things are getting tagged and inventories are being made. I'm so excited. If you get down to Market, stop in and say 'Hi".

I posted pics of two pairs of earrings I made last week. They are glass earrings. The top pair uses vintage beads. Both pairs will be for sale at the Market stand and on the web page.

Well, it's off to bed for me. I'm still working on those gummi teeth pictures and I'll have pics of the Market stand soon.

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  • At 5:49:00 PM, Blogger ~Tonia~

    Sorry that you have been sick again. I hope you are well soon.

    Those earrings are so pretty!! I am sure you will sell them very quick.