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Thursday, August 31, 2006
It's Back to School Time

Yesterday was the first joyous day of the school year around here. Princess was thrilled to go back, even it she was nervous about attending a new school. It was oddly quiet around here all day, even the cats kept looking for the little girl who always makes noise. But, alas, she arrived home again full of chatter about her day. She likes her teacher and her new school. And as a bonus, I was told the school lunches at the new school were much better than the ones at her old school. I like the lunch program at this school, they really encourage the kids to eat healthy and use lots of whole grains and don't fry anything.

Now as soon as I can finish unpacking, I can get back to art. I did work on my Broadripple socks yesterday and I think I'm about to do my heel flap.
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Sunday, August 27, 2006
My Life in Boxes
We moved last weekend. Thank you to everyone who helped with the manual labor. I've been working hard for the last week trying to unpack. We are doing rather well around here. I can cook dinner, take a shower, watch tv, knit, and sleep. There are still boxes everywhere and I can't find the cord to the digital camera, but we are getting settled in. Harry Potter, the cat, has quickly learned all the great napping spots. His feline companion, Ginny Weasley is taking a little longer to settle in, but getting there.

It's been a busy week with new school registration, poison ivy (Hubby had a very bad case of it because he was trying to pull it so I wouldn't get it), and the hunt for the can opener (you never realize how important a piece of kitchen equiptment a $5 can opener is until you can't find it).

Until later, I'm off to unpack!
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
What I did with my Saturday...

I know, I'm a few days late, but better late than never. Besides, you try to pack to move and keep the blog up to date at the same time. I'm lucky I remember to feed the cats right now (the cat's keep reminding me to feed them).

I did take some time of Saturday morning to play. The above picture was taken at the Annual Knit-In at the Mannings. I know the picture is from a distance but I figure if any of these nice ladies told their husbands they were going to Saturday Bible Study and not a Knit-In, they might want their idenities hidden. It was a beautiful, non-humid summer day. I met lots of great people. As a fairly new knitter, I love to watch people knit and the day was perfect for that. Thanks to all the people who answered my silly questions and allowed me to stare at their needles while they worked.

I also met up with Joan of http://joanknits.blogspot.com/. She's a lovely local lady who knits some of the coolest stuff. We're talking about getting a crocheter/knitter group together locally. If you live in York County and would like to meet with others who play with sticks and string, let me know.

I also learned something on Saturday that never crossed my mind. Let me set this up for you, I knit and crochet with fair proficiency in both. Until Saturday, I didn't know that was a rare talent. It seems, most people can do one, but not the other. As someone put it, I'm bi-needle.

I did work on something while I was there too. I'm working on some thinner crocheted dishclothes for the new house too. This is the one I almost finished while there. It's made from two strands of 8/2 cotton held together and crocheted with a single crochet. Simple but very pretty. I love the way the colors turned out.

There was also a lot of packing going on on Saturday. Hubby and I packed most of the garage and I worked more on my studio. Viva la Packrats!

I also did something else that was a lot of fun on Saturday, I wished my niece a happy 18th birthday. Happy birthday, John Deere Girl.
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Friday, August 11, 2006
Here Kitty, Kitty

I've been busy making dishclothes for the retro kitchen. The latest is the Kitty Dishcloth. (I'll post pattern designer and link when I find the paper). If you look really hard at the dishcloth you will see a kitty sitting there. My daughter has already claimed this cloth for when she washes dishes.

In case anyone is interested. I will be at the Knit-in at the Mannings tomorrow from probably 10-12. I'm taking a much needed break from packing. I plan to work ok either a dishcloth or a sock while there. I'm also planning on spending some of my Mother's day money. (I have a list of things I want to price and look for.) If you see me (I'll be the short haired blonde with the purple streak in my hair.) Feel free to say Hi. I love meeting new people.
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Friday, August 04, 2006
Come Sail Away...

Oh, how I'd love to be,
by the sea,
Where the cool ocean breeze blows.
Where the daily high was June's lows.
Come sail away with me,
to a land of cool,
or at least one with a shaded pool.

My Ode to August--Angelvista, 2006

Ha! I bet you guys didn't know I was a poet. Someday's the muse strikes in words and somedays in arts. I've never been able to channel which way she will hit.

The picture is my latest dishcloth. It's a sailboat knitted from a pattern by Rhonda White. (I'll add her link, when I find where I wrote it down at.)

I'm getting a nice pile ready for the new place. It's ours now! We signed the lease on Thursday evening. Yeah! Now, I need to get my butt in gear and finish packing. I repacked some of my yarn and fabric this morning, I now have 5 trash bags in the dinning room full of fabric and yarn waiting to move. I promised myself a lot of knitting and sewing when the move is done. I believe it is time for a fabric and yarn diet (at least for a short while).

Speaking of diets, my appointment with the dietician went well on Wednesday. I thought I really blew it because I've been living on ice cream (or at least eating a lot more of the stuff than I should eat). Well, the good news is I didn't totally blow it. I lost 5 pounds! Yeah! The Earth is 5 pounds lighter.
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
catching up and a rant

I completed another dishcloth last night! This one is the wavy rib pattern from the 356 Knitting Stitches a Year book. Knitting dishclothes from patterns in the book is great practice for me. I'm learning new stitches and I'm learning to follow directions. Yep, there may be hope for me yet.

Princess spent her first overnight outside the state this weekend. She spent the night with her Uncle John and her Miss Joan. She had a wonderful time visiting the Walter's Gallery in Baltimore. She loved the mummies and the Faberge eggs. She went to a art play place and then met up with mom and dad for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Sorry, we would not have been late, but it seems mommy reads maps as well as she follows knitting directions. She talked non-stop on the way home about all the cool things she did. Monday morning she asked me if we could mummify the cats when they die, sorry sweety we can't.

Ok, I need to rant for a moment here. The latest issue of BabyTalk magazine is part of a controversy. It seems that the image on the cover has been deemed obscene by some people and they are offended. Please, people! it's a baby with his mouth on some part of a human body we assume is his mother's breast. This has people in a tizzy. I, for one, think there is nothing more natural than brestfeeding a baby. It is a subject that has been depicted in art for almost as long as mankind has been making art. From Isis breast feeding Horus to alter pieces and stainglass windows showing the Virgin Mary breastfeeding the Baby Jesus to thousands of other works of art. Some poeple are worried that the cover might insite lustful feelings in thier sons and husbands. I asked the resident straight male around here if the picture stirs up lustful feelings in him and he said no. Granted, there is a kink for everything, little did I know breastfeeding women was such a popular kink among a demographic I would never have guessed was into that type of kink.

Breastfeeding isn't about being sexy, it's about nourishing a baby. It's an act of love between a mother and her child. It is as natural as the sun rising and as awe-inspiring as a sunset. Breastfeeding is one amazing gift we as mothers can give our children. If a picture of a loving mother breastfeeding her infant offends you or makes you think of sex, then maybe you need to take a moment and think about things. God made it so mothers can feed their child, it is an act of love. To say breastfeeding is wrong is to so God made you wrong and to deny the gift He gave you to give your child. We want to raise our children to be healthy spiritually and physically, God gave us breasts to help us raise our children to be healthy.

The picture has nothing to do with sex or lust, it has to do with the beauty of a mother's love. People are more than just a collection of body parts to titalate, they are a collection of body parts that have feelings, ideas, and an idenity. To look at a picture like the one of the cover of BabyTalk and only see a sexual object is an insult to women and mothers. Even though all you see is a section of breast, there is a person attatched to it, a person who deserves respect. I feel sorry for any person who sees others as body parts that make them horny and even more, I pity their mates. You may only see part of a breast in that picture, but there is a whole woman there, one who gave birth, one who will nuture and raise a child, and one who has feelings. Those who are offended by that picture need to realize people are not objects and all people are worthy of respect.

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