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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
catching up and a rant

I completed another dishcloth last night! This one is the wavy rib pattern from the 356 Knitting Stitches a Year book. Knitting dishclothes from patterns in the book is great practice for me. I'm learning new stitches and I'm learning to follow directions. Yep, there may be hope for me yet.

Princess spent her first overnight outside the state this weekend. She spent the night with her Uncle John and her Miss Joan. She had a wonderful time visiting the Walter's Gallery in Baltimore. She loved the mummies and the Faberge eggs. She went to a art play place and then met up with mom and dad for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Sorry, we would not have been late, but it seems mommy reads maps as well as she follows knitting directions. She talked non-stop on the way home about all the cool things she did. Monday morning she asked me if we could mummify the cats when they die, sorry sweety we can't.

Ok, I need to rant for a moment here. The latest issue of BabyTalk magazine is part of a controversy. It seems that the image on the cover has been deemed obscene by some people and they are offended. Please, people! it's a baby with his mouth on some part of a human body we assume is his mother's breast. This has people in a tizzy. I, for one, think there is nothing more natural than brestfeeding a baby. It is a subject that has been depicted in art for almost as long as mankind has been making art. From Isis breast feeding Horus to alter pieces and stainglass windows showing the Virgin Mary breastfeeding the Baby Jesus to thousands of other works of art. Some poeple are worried that the cover might insite lustful feelings in thier sons and husbands. I asked the resident straight male around here if the picture stirs up lustful feelings in him and he said no. Granted, there is a kink for everything, little did I know breastfeeding women was such a popular kink among a demographic I would never have guessed was into that type of kink.

Breastfeeding isn't about being sexy, it's about nourishing a baby. It's an act of love between a mother and her child. It is as natural as the sun rising and as awe-inspiring as a sunset. Breastfeeding is one amazing gift we as mothers can give our children. If a picture of a loving mother breastfeeding her infant offends you or makes you think of sex, then maybe you need to take a moment and think about things. God made it so mothers can feed their child, it is an act of love. To say breastfeeding is wrong is to so God made you wrong and to deny the gift He gave you to give your child. We want to raise our children to be healthy spiritually and physically, God gave us breasts to help us raise our children to be healthy.

The picture has nothing to do with sex or lust, it has to do with the beauty of a mother's love. People are more than just a collection of body parts to titalate, they are a collection of body parts that have feelings, ideas, and an idenity. To look at a picture like the one of the cover of BabyTalk and only see a sexual object is an insult to women and mothers. Even though all you see is a section of breast, there is a person attatched to it, a person who deserves respect. I feel sorry for any person who sees others as body parts that make them horny and even more, I pity their mates. You may only see part of a breast in that picture, but there is a whole woman there, one who gave birth, one who will nuture and raise a child, and one who has feelings. Those who are offended by that picture need to realize people are not objects and all people are worthy of respect.

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