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Monday, July 10, 2006
Instead of seeing a picture of my latest beaded goddess that I just completed, you are seeing a digital ATC that I made the other week when we had all the rain. I promised myself that I wouldn't post pics of my Sister in Law's doll on the blog until she has it. I can give you a hint, the doll turned out beautiful.

The above digital collage was from when we had rain for like a week not too long ago. Parts of Pennsylvania were flooded out because of the rain. We were lucky, we only ended up with a giant mudpuddle for a backyard. I'm glad it finally took a break from raining, my ark building skills are lacking. The ATC is in honor of one of my favorite childhood activities, puddle jumping. I ruined more white sneakers that way when I was a child.

Summer vacation is progressing slowly. I'm tired of saying no and feeding the mongol horde that is my daughter. I don't know which is worse, feeding a pet elephant or an 8 year old girl. Where do kids put all that food?

Let see, what else is happening around here. The diet is going well. I'm working with a dietician to help me eat better. I was diognosed as pre-diabetic and I'm going to try to modify my diet so I can skip the tradition of being a female diabetic in my family (my maternal aunts and grandmother were diabetic, and I don't wish to follow in thier footsteps). I've never been a fruit eater and I'm even beginning to enjoy eating my fruit.
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