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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
The Lady with Flowers in Her Hair

I was playing around the other day and did my self-portrait.

Right after I got PSP I found this tutorial on making collage images by painting over photographs in the program. I lost the tutorial for a while, but found it the other say. I took a few liberties with my hair color and the image is wearing more make-up than I normally wear. All in all, I like it, it was a fun exercise.

I know that I've been a little quiet lately and I must appologize. You see, I'm working diligently on a hush-hush project. My sister-in-law just graduated with a Master's degree and I'm making a doll for her. She knows she's getting a doll, but I don't want to share pics of it until after I give her the doll. As soon as the doll is in her hands, I will share pics with everyone.

I have also been working hard on my fruity pebbles socks. Sock one is done and I'm about to start the heel flap on sock two. I'll post pics as soon as I take them.
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