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Monday, June 12, 2006
Sweet Little Bunny

I'd like you all to meet Peter. Peter (I didn't look to see if he was a boy or girl) lives under my deck. Yesterday while Hubby was mowing he startled Peter who then ran and froze under the swingset. Hubby called me out to see our houseguest. Isn't he just precious? Peter allowed me to pick him up, pose for a picture, and then place him at the front door of his little bunny home. He was very calm the whole time. I love bunnies, even if they do eat the herbs in my garden. And there is something truly magical about holding a wild bunny in your hands. I did look up what rabbit means according to "Animal Speak"--it means oportunities. Maybe this little guy came along to let us know that we would find our new home soon.
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