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Sunday, July 30, 2006
Knitting Dishclothes

I love handknit dishclothes and truthfully, my store bought ones have seen better days. The dishcloth pictured I just finished and if you squint at it just right, you will see the snowman that is supposed to be there. Ok, so I have trouble counting and following directions. It will work just fine to clean the dinner dishes. The new house has a sort of retro kitchen so I figure the knitted dishclothes will look really cool in it. I'll post other clothes as I get them done.
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Friday, July 28, 2006
I had this goal when I found out we were moving…my goal was to complete as many unfinished projects as I could before we moved. Let’s check in and see how I’m doing

Fruity Pebbles Socks—done!
Joan’s Goddess Doll—Done!
Color Challenge Doll—Done!
Shell Shorts—Done!
Vineyard Socks—In Progress
I-cord Rug—Done!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I finished another project. I just made the last stitch on the I-cord rug a little while ago. I’m so happy.

The details:
Yarn: Recycled Men’s wool sweater for the Cream colored yarn (approx. 1000 yards)
Red Heart Acrylic yarn in Navy Blue (approx. 1000 yards)
Red Heart Acrylic yarn in White (aprox 100 yards)
Note: it took 1 yard of each blue and cream to knit two inches of I-cord

Needles: Two size 8 double point needles. I don’t have a maker for you because they came in a box of old needles from a yard sale.

My own. I based it off of the rag rugs my grandmother would make but instead of crocheting them together, I knitted I-cord and sewed it together.

Misc: One yarn needle, scissors, 10 band aids ( I kept stabbing my finger with the yarn needle)

What the rug will be used for It is going to go inside my new back door.

And Tara Mater has gone to her new Mommy so I can show you all her picture.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006
It's been Wonky Around Here

I love hand knit dishclothes. They are just thick enough to clean well but not too thick. I sat down the other night and knit myself up a diagonal dishcloth. It's blue and white Peaches & Cream cotton yarn. The dishcloth is wonky because my stitches are more even on the white half than on the blue half. Oh well, I don't think the dirty dishes are going to mind too much. It looks like with the move I will be giving up a dishwasher, so I'm going to need some good dish clothes.

If anybody has a favorite pattern they would like to share I'd love to have it.
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Monday, July 24, 2006

The title of this blog entry is a direct quote from the little fashionata who modeled my new purse. That was her word to describe it, followed shortly by "Mommy, will you knit me one next?"

This bag began it's life as the idea for a diaper bag from my hubby's cousin. Well, that didn't pan out, the baby came sooner than the bag could be knit. It's an adorable baby boy by the way. So I felted it and decided it was just the right size for a purse. It's nice and roomy, yet isn't a huge purse. I have enough room for my wallet, keys, knitting (essential in any purse), a snack bar, my planner, and a water bottle. I'm in love with making my own purses, I may never go back to store bought purses again.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Oh Hail!

Yesterday was hot! It was another one of those days when the cats wouldn't even sit in the windows. Me, personally, I hid in the ac all day and knitted or surfed the web.

And then things changed. I started to make dinner and noticed that it was getting dark outside. Ok, wait, it's not December yet? That can only mean one of two things, 1)some volcano blew and were in the ash cloud (to my knowledge, PA doesn't have volcanos, so I think I"m safe from that one) or 2) there is a thunderstorm heading my way. Then I heard the wind slam into the side of the house. yep! It's a storm heading this way. So I call the kid in from playing at the neighbor's house and continue with dinner. Not more that 5 minutes after hubby got home from work, it started to pour. I mean raining horizontally in sheets pour. The cats loved what happened next. It sounded like someone was throwing pebbles at the house. We got hail. Hail is one of those cool things that facinate me. The picture above is of some of the hail on the back deck. It was about pea size and melted very quickly. Needless to say, it stormed on and off most of last evening.

But that was ok. It gave me time to indulge in one of my favorite things. Guilt free knitting. Since the TV was out (no satilite signal) and the computer was off because of the storm, I gleefully knitting on my sock. I am proud to announce that Fruity Pebbles is finished!

Fruity Pebbles Socks

pattern: didn't have one. I planned to use one, but just liked them knitted with nothing fancy going on.

Yarn: Pattons Kroy in the Colorbox colorway

Needles: Size 1 doublepoints. They were from a box of old knitting needles I picked up at a yard sale last summer.

Notes: I like the yarn, it was the first wool sock yarn I have ever knit with. I like the feel of wool sock yarn. I love the colors, but I wish they would have pooled a little more. They are very colorful and very comfortable.
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Monday, July 17, 2006
It started innocently enough

It starts out innocently enough. You're cleaning up your work area, folding some fabric scraps to put away, and inspiration hits. You fold the fabric in half, sketch a basic doll body shape, and sew the body. Then you are sitting there holding a body wondering what to do.

I had this happen the other night. I was putting away the scrap fabric from the ill-fated I-can't-cut-a-pattern-to-the-right-size shorts. It's a beautiful cotton with shells printed on it. My muse decided ththathat is when she needed too stop by. I ironed the fabric real nice and sketched on a basic doll body shape. Before I knew it, she was sewn and stuffed and ready to be decorated.

My original idea for this girl was to cover the areas with now shell printed on it with vintage, hand carved shell buttons. At some point, after I spent a grueling ½ hour trudging through my vat of buttons looking for just the right tiny shell buttons, the design was changed. She decided she wanted to be a little more glam and a little less folksy. So we searched through the seed beads. I found some beautiful gold aurora borealis beads that almost match the background color. Each shell printed on the fabric was outlined with a row of beads.

Then came the buttons. She wanted the buttons, but she wanted them cascading from her hands. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she didn't have hands; she's probably demand that I carved her a pair from abalone.

Her face and hair turned out to be a bit of a compromise. I didn't like the way her head shape turned out and I couldn't find a button I liked for her face. I played plastic surgeon on her head (with a knick-knack, paddy whack, I gave the doll a dome); used sequins for a short summer hair style, and found two awesome shell buttons for a face.

She is now signed and names. My I introduce Shelly Sells-Seashell Buttons, an Angelvista's Whimsy Doll.

I'm mainly working on some clothes for myself at the moment, the fruity pebbles socks are almost finished, and a few small dolls.
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Friday, July 14, 2006
A Reason of Happy Dancing
Yesterday was a very special day in the world and it was celebrated by a select few. It became official yesterday that the planet is 8 pounds lighter than it was 2 weeks ago. That was eight pounds freely given in the battle against diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. I’m eight pounds closer to a long life (and eight pounds closer to having to hope that my daughter picks out a good home for me when I’m old and senile.) I think I may have done a happy dance in the dietician’s office. Can you tell, I’m proud of myself?

And then last night I depressed myself. I had been working on a pair of shorts. It came to the point in the process where I had to try them one to adjust the elastic. Dummy me, I made the shorts a size too small! I think you could hear my happiness balloon pop on the other side of the state. I so wanted to cry. I then went back to the pattern and realized I made the wrong size. It’s still annoying, but on the bright side, I have brand new shorts to wear when I lose a few more pounds.

Just as a side note: If anyone finds 8 pounds wandering around, please, send it to visit someone who really needs to gain the weight. I do not want it back.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
A moment of Clean

For those who know me, they know that Chaos reigns in my studio. I always have about 20 things happening at once and I never put my toys away. The other night I decided to attempt to control the chaos (no it didn’t take a chair and a whip) I cleaned off my desktop and even packed some stuff. After my walk on Sunday night I went to cleaning. I was like a little Energizer Bunny, I kept going and going and this is the result. Yes Virginia, there is a desktop. It’s a pretty and shiny. Not to mention, the cats feel safe to walk up there again.

I did all this cleaning with a purpose. See that big white thing on the left side of the picture, that’s my sewing machine. I’m going to augment my wardrobe a little. The last time I bought shorts was 4 years ago, I think it’s time for a few new pairs. I have plans to a few pairs of shorts, a sundress, some capris, a shirt or two, and maybe a skirt. I keep buying patterns and fabric and never getting to them, now I’m going to get to them.

And now for something completely different. Fruity Pebbles Sock 2 is on the home stretch. Last night during Queer Eye for the Straight Guy I finished the gusset decreases and now I’m on to the foot. I have 3-4 inches of foot to do and then the toe decreases. Yeah! I’m getting tired of looking at this pair of socks. I’ve already begun to plan my next pair. Has anyone ever done a pair of Jaywalkers with self-striping yarn? How did they turn out?
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Monday, July 10, 2006
Instead of seeing a picture of my latest beaded goddess that I just completed, you are seeing a digital ATC that I made the other week when we had all the rain. I promised myself that I wouldn't post pics of my Sister in Law's doll on the blog until she has it. I can give you a hint, the doll turned out beautiful.

The above digital collage was from when we had rain for like a week not too long ago. Parts of Pennsylvania were flooded out because of the rain. We were lucky, we only ended up with a giant mudpuddle for a backyard. I'm glad it finally took a break from raining, my ark building skills are lacking. The ATC is in honor of one of my favorite childhood activities, puddle jumping. I ruined more white sneakers that way when I was a child.

Summer vacation is progressing slowly. I'm tired of saying no and feeding the mongol horde that is my daughter. I don't know which is worse, feeding a pet elephant or an 8 year old girl. Where do kids put all that food?

Let see, what else is happening around here. The diet is going well. I'm working with a dietician to help me eat better. I was diognosed as pre-diabetic and I'm going to try to modify my diet so I can skip the tradition of being a female diabetic in my family (my maternal aunts and grandmother were diabetic, and I don't wish to follow in thier footsteps). I've never been a fruit eater and I'm even beginning to enjoy eating my fruit.
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
A Happy 4th of July
Happy Independance Day to my American readers! It's the day when we honor the men and women who helped make this country free. I personally raise a glass to all those treasonist Liberals who believed we should be a country that is free with a government that looks after the people, not just the ruler's own self interest.

We spent the day hanging out at my neighbor's house enjoying a picnic. Princess learned to eat crabs and enjoyed herself greatly. I ate too much, got too much sun, and generally enjoyed myself. I'm going to miss this neighborhood when we move.

After the picnic the family took an outing to the York Expo Center for the concert and the fireworks. We arrived early so we could get good seats on the grandstand. I love sitting on the cement part of the grandstand for fireworks. This year Princess wanted to sit at the very top. Just so you know, there are 30+ steps to the top of the cement granstand. We decided to be bad and had funnel cake and french fries for dinner. With a snow cone for dessert. I'm a York county girl, I like Bricker's french fries (I can't eat a lot of them, but a few taste really good.) It's a York County thing, everywhere you go there is a Bricker's truck selling french fries. Personally, I'm surprised they don't have them at weddings and funerals around here.

Anyhow, I took sock along to work on while the York Symphony Orchestra played patriotic music and we waited for the fireworks to start. They even played my favorite song (The Oveture of 1812) which is a traditional part of the Fourth of July Concert in York. The fireworks were great, but really loud. Princess was spellbound by the fireworks, she sat there and didn't blink until the show was over. Hubby enjoyed the fireworkds also. Sock two enjoyed the show, but Sock one hid in my purse (it didn't like the noise). We got home hot and tired, but we had a wonderful time.
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