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Monday, July 24, 2006

The title of this blog entry is a direct quote from the little fashionata who modeled my new purse. That was her word to describe it, followed shortly by "Mommy, will you knit me one next?"

This bag began it's life as the idea for a diaper bag from my hubby's cousin. Well, that didn't pan out, the baby came sooner than the bag could be knit. It's an adorable baby boy by the way. So I felted it and decided it was just the right size for a purse. It's nice and roomy, yet isn't a huge purse. I have enough room for my wallet, keys, knitting (essential in any purse), a snack bar, my planner, and a water bottle. I'm in love with making my own purses, I may never go back to store bought purses again.
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