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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
A Happy 4th of July
Happy Independance Day to my American readers! It's the day when we honor the men and women who helped make this country free. I personally raise a glass to all those treasonist Liberals who believed we should be a country that is free with a government that looks after the people, not just the ruler's own self interest.

We spent the day hanging out at my neighbor's house enjoying a picnic. Princess learned to eat crabs and enjoyed herself greatly. I ate too much, got too much sun, and generally enjoyed myself. I'm going to miss this neighborhood when we move.

After the picnic the family took an outing to the York Expo Center for the concert and the fireworks. We arrived early so we could get good seats on the grandstand. I love sitting on the cement part of the grandstand for fireworks. This year Princess wanted to sit at the very top. Just so you know, there are 30+ steps to the top of the cement granstand. We decided to be bad and had funnel cake and french fries for dinner. With a snow cone for dessert. I'm a York county girl, I like Bricker's french fries (I can't eat a lot of them, but a few taste really good.) It's a York County thing, everywhere you go there is a Bricker's truck selling french fries. Personally, I'm surprised they don't have them at weddings and funerals around here.

Anyhow, I took sock along to work on while the York Symphony Orchestra played patriotic music and we waited for the fireworks to start. They even played my favorite song (The Oveture of 1812) which is a traditional part of the Fourth of July Concert in York. The fireworks were great, but really loud. Princess was spellbound by the fireworks, she sat there and didn't blink until the show was over. Hubby enjoyed the fireworkds also. Sock two enjoyed the show, but Sock one hid in my purse (it didn't like the noise). We got home hot and tired, but we had a wonderful time.
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