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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Crochet Class Update

Last night, I taught my first crochet class at Uncommon Threads. It went great. I have six students in the class and they all did very well. It's such a great feeling to be able to share one of the great loves of my life with others and empower them to have the skills to enjoy it to. We worked on the stitches last night and once they learned the trick behind crochet stitches it was like magic. I can't wait until next week to see how they did on their practice. Next week we are learning pattern reading and how to make the granny square.
I also got sock time yesterday. I worked the Cherie Ann Designs stand at Market and worked on my latest sock. The yarn was a handpainted yarn that I picked out at the Alpaca show on Mother's Day last year. It was my Mommy's Day present from my hubby and daughter. It's a superwash wool/nylon belended handpaint from Creatively Dyed Yarns. It's soft and in my favorite colors. I'm knitting it up using the Dublin Bay Sock Pattern from Mossy Cottage Knits. It's a nice simple pattern that makes a nice pair of socks. I choose this pattern because it gives me a chance to practice the yarn over/knit two together thing that I fear. I know simple stuff, but i do manage to mess it up. I cast these socks on at the beginning of "Medium" on Monday night and I'm already almost finished with the instep stitches on the first pair. Yeah! I'm getting much faster at this sock knitting thing. My first pair of socks took me over a month to knit just one sock.

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Friday, February 15, 2008
A Morning of Batt Making

Princess and I spent the morning carding fiber. The first set of batts we did we nicknamed "Petting Zoo" beause it contains alpaca, mohair, and wool. It's a brownish yellow batt that should make a nice yarn. Judging by the amount of alpaca and mohair in it, it will be a soft yarn.
The second set of batts we created is called "Lovebug". Princess snagged a few bags of her favorite colors and I made a striped batt. It contains wool, mohair and glitz. It's a fun batt.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! It's cold and icy here; the perfect weather to snuggle with a love. Unfortunately, the only one home to snuggle with is Harry the Cat and he's avoiding me. That's ok, I'm making the family thier favorite dish for dinner tonight, General Chang's Spicy Chicken.
My Etsy shop is running a Valentine's Special until Friday night. If you pay with PayPal and put the words "My Love" in the comments to seller area, I will refund you 15% of the cost of your order. This includes if you do a special order. The address is www.mwstudios.etsy.com .
My you all have a safe an happy Loved Ones Day!

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Monday, February 11, 2008
New in the Shop
Light on the Water Chopstick Holder

Thousands of trees die each year so we can enjoy sushi and Chinese food with disposible chopsticks. There is an environmentally friendly way to use chopsticks and not hurt the Earth, use reusable chopsticks. This little chopstick sleeve is great for keeping your reusable chopsticks clean and safe between meals. I use one to keep my chopsticks clean in my purse. And chopsticks come in handy for more than just eating sushi; I use mine as coffee stirrers at the local coffee bar and they are perfect for eating salads. Just remember to rinse or wipe off your sticks before putting them back into the sleeve.

This chopstick sleeve is hand crocheted from a colorful recycled acrylic yarn. It is big enough to hold a pair of reusable Chinese style or Japanese style chopsticks (sleeve comes with a pair of semi-reusable bamboo chopsticks). It is also great for holding knitting needles and paintbrushes.

Care Instructions: remove chopsticks, machine wash and dry.

Please note: I would love to make you a holder for your chopsticks, just email me and we can work out the details.

Chopstick holder can be found in my etsy shop www.mwstudios.etsy.com

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Thursday, February 07, 2008
A Crochet Class Announcement
Beginner's Crochet Class

Learn to crochet.

February 12-- the basics of crochet--> hooks, stitches, yarns, how to read patterns, everything you need to get started

February 19--The Granny Square --> learn to make the best known of crochet items and find out fun ways to use it.

February 26--Crochet Flowers --> learn to make crocheted flowers to dress up your projects and learn to make a bouquet scarf.

Supplies List: worsted weight yarn like Lambs Pride. Size F,G, or H hook

All classes will include a handout of class material and patterns for the projects done in class.

Classes are held at Uncommon Threads Yarn Store from 6-8 PM on the dates above.

Cost is $45 for all three classes.

For more information or to sign up for the class contact:
Uncommon Threads
294 W. Market Street
York, PA

I'm teaching the class and I look forward to seeing you there.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Closing a Door
Earlier this week, I recieved some sad news. I was laid off from the candy store. It's been a fun year and a half. Most of all I will miss the people I got to know during that time.

But when one thing ends, another begins.
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Monday, February 04, 2008
Sunset Shawl Finished

My prefered team may not have won the SuperBowl last night, but I made a goal. I completed my Sunset Shawl. Last spring, I found this sweater at the Salvation Army that looked ugly, but had beautiful yarn in it. I figured I give the poor thing a second chance at life and make some summer socks out of the yarn. It's a lovely cotton yarn blend. When I started to unravel the sweater I realized my original plan wasn't going to work. Everywhere the color changed there was a knot. For those who don't know, knots are not a good thing in socks, they hurt the feet. MudPuddles! The yarn was too beautiful not to do something with. After much debate I decided to make myself a shawl, I love my white one, but it shows dirt too quickly. So I started a half-granny square shawl using a size E crochet hook. The hardest part was deciding on an edging. I wanted something that flowed with the shawl yet gave it a touch of fun. What I ended up doing was continuing the half granny but adding a few extra chains between each 3DC group. Sunset was finished off last night after the SuperBowl about 15 minutes before House ended.

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