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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
A Few Favorite Things
Since the move is done, life is returning to "normal". I thought I'd take a few moments and share a few of my favorite things.

Socks on the hook. I'm in the process of crocheting a pair of socks. They are from my own toe up pattern and crocheted on a size D hook (small hook) from Lorna's Laces yarn. I'm loving them so far. I love the snug feel of a crochet foot . I'm thinking of transferring to knitting needles for the cuff. I can't remember the color's name or number at the moment, but it's just like a party for the feet.

Homemade iced lattes. They are so simple to make and so yummy. Nothing like cold caffeine to pass the time in the Summer. I have room on my kitchen counters now to keep my espresso maker. Yeah!

Empty boxes. Every time I unpack a box and get to yell "dead box" (our term for an empty box) I get a little thrill. We've done a lot of decluttering in our lives the last few months and put so much of our lives in boxes, that it's nice to find a place for things. Not that we are anywhere near done unpacking, but things are taking shape. I"ll have to share a picture of my studio with you soon.

Princess. I have discovered that she will do just about anything to avoid cleaning her room. She has taken to doing the laundry and loading/unloading the dishwasher. I'm not going to complain. She has also learned that the sooner the housework is done, the sooner we can go to the pool.

For the sake of balance in the Universe, I'll list my not favorite thing: Dial-up Internet. Until Friday, I'm on dial up. After 2 years of DSL, I forgot how slow dial up is. I admit it, on the Net, I am a speed girl. I like fast connections. The area we moved to doesn't have DSL coverage, so on Friday, a nice gentleman is coming to install a High speed cable connection to the Internet and cable TV. We are not going to know what to do with ourselves.

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