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Friday, April 18, 2008
Shop Updates

I've been a busy little girl lately. The other night I had the urge to dig out my jewelry tools and beads. I created several pendants during my little jewelry frenzy. I love the way beads catch the light. Even though, I am primarily a fiber artist, I do enjoy a little jewelry making. It spurs my creativity.
I've added two of my pendants to the etsy shop. The one on the right is called "Mia." It's named after the character in the Princess Diaries movies. I just love the way the pink beads catch the light. It's such a light Spring piece. The other day I saw a prom dress in a shop window that would go great with this pendant; the dress was just a simple pale pink dress with little beads on it that look like the clear beads in this pendant.
My other pendant creation is a little more dark and Gothic. I love the look of goth jewelry. I guess it's a good thing I look good in black. This pendant is called "Arsenic" and it just reminds me of Victorian mourning jewelry. It's just beautiful, elegant, and mysterious. Perfect for the femme fatale.
I have a few more simple pendants to post yet, but I need to finish the pictures of them. I'll keep you posted.

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