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Saturday, March 01, 2008
Princess's Rug is Finished

It has taken several months, but I do believe that Princess' rug is finally finished. On to the stats:
Pattern: my own pattern, nothing but single crochet.
Square size: 6x6 inches, 24 sc by 24 rows
Rug size: 4x5 1/2 feet
Yarn: double strand throughout, I used yarn scraps. No joke, this rug has acrylic, wool, silk, mohair, apaca, and a few other yarns in it. I'm afraid to figure out how many yards of yarn went into this creation.
Number of Stitches in Rug: 52, 888 stitches not counting the single crochets used to join squares.
Date started: September 2007
Date finished March 1, 2008
I started this rug because the hardwood floor in Princess' room is always cold. It took me 3 tries before I came up with a pattern that I liked.

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