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Monday, February 04, 2008
Sunset Shawl Finished

My prefered team may not have won the SuperBowl last night, but I made a goal. I completed my Sunset Shawl. Last spring, I found this sweater at the Salvation Army that looked ugly, but had beautiful yarn in it. I figured I give the poor thing a second chance at life and make some summer socks out of the yarn. It's a lovely cotton yarn blend. When I started to unravel the sweater I realized my original plan wasn't going to work. Everywhere the color changed there was a knot. For those who don't know, knots are not a good thing in socks, they hurt the feet. MudPuddles! The yarn was too beautiful not to do something with. After much debate I decided to make myself a shawl, I love my white one, but it shows dirt too quickly. So I started a half-granny square shawl using a size E crochet hook. The hardest part was deciding on an edging. I wanted something that flowed with the shawl yet gave it a touch of fun. What I ended up doing was continuing the half granny but adding a few extra chains between each 3DC group. Sunset was finished off last night after the SuperBowl about 15 minutes before House ended.

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