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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Anybody who knows me knows I love sushi. Several years ago, when Princess was still a baby, hubby and I went out and had sushi for the first time for his birthday. He was fascinated with the idea and we decided to give it a try. I really didn't think I would like it. The thought of eating raw fish just didn't sound good to me. But I put on a brave face, packed my Rolaids, and we tried sushi at the only place at the time that sold sushi in the area. The waitstaff was great that night, they came out and explained to us what we were eating and how to eat it. After the first bit of salmon nigiri, I was hooked. The flavors were incredible, the textures we appealing. Eating sushi is a sensual activity. It is almost meditative. To enjoy it, you need to focus only on what you are eating and allow your senses to guide the experience.
A few weeks ago, a sushi bar moved into the York Central Market and they are really good. There is a limited menu at the moment, but everything I have had has been excellent. They inspired me to try my hand at making felt sushi. I made a California roll, a salmon-avocado roll, and an Ikaru (salmon roe). I designed them that not only can they be played with, they can be hung on a tree or a key chain. I'm working on my sushi menu. The ikaru is sitting by the register at Round Eye Sushi at the York Central Market.

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