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Sunday, October 07, 2007
The New Bathroom Rug
This rug is approved by Harry Potter the Cat.
I needed another rug for in the bathroom. It seems that every time Princess (also known as Godzilla in Tokyo) takes a bath she manages to flood the bathroom so much the rug gets soaked. Last week we saw a little Noah sailing an ark across the rug. So I set about making a rug or two for around the house. I wanted something that would last, look good, and absorb the water from Godzilla's bath. It took about a week to make but I think the rug is awesome. It's double strand, single crochet in a pattern I made up. It is 1/4 inch thick and is so nice to step on. The white yarn is acrylic just because I couldn't find my white cotton. All the yarn comes from recycled sweaters. Hubby now thinks I should make rugs to sell.
As soon as I finished the rug and laid it on the floor, Harry claimed it.

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