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Friday, July 06, 2007
Fireworks in the Rain
We had a wonderful American Independence Day here. We hosted a simple cookout/picnic before we went to see the fireworks. It started to do these short downpours in the late afternoon, but when we left for the fireworks it looked like the sky was clearing. Silly us! We didn't more than get into our seats on the bleachers at the expo center and another downpour started. We grabbed everything and found seats in the Grandstand where there is a roof. While waiting for the concert to start it dour poured again. (The above picture is of the pre-concert downpour.) But things finally cleared and the concert began. I liked the concert, except for the lady who was vocal soloist, she was just a little too operatic for my taste. I did get about 2 hours of crochet time on my shawl while waiting for the fireworks.

So the concert ends, the orchestra leaves the stage, the curtains are lowered, and the lights go out. Just as the lights go out, we hear this screaming and commotion coming from the uncovered bleachers. My first thought was "Oh God, something went wrong!" Some of the lights were relight and then you could see the downpour. In a few minutes, the rain stopped and the fireworks went off. The show was great. Despite the rain, the fireworks were well worth the wait.

Fireworks pictures taken at the York Expo Center on 4 July 2007.


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