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Monday, May 14, 2007
You can call him Al...
I had the best Mother's Day. I started my day with cards and gifts in bed (after having the chance to sleep in). Hubby made me French Toast and coffee for breakfast. Then we went to the Alpaca show at the Expo Center. I spent several hours petting and ohhing over these little guys. I found out that they only make a humming moan (it's really cute), they are curious but shy, and they would rather have their necks rubbed than their heads petted. They are so soft. Princess had a quicky lesson on using a drop spindle and I was mesmerized by a spinning wheel. I really did want to bring one home with me, but I didn't have enough money with me. They are expensive animals. I did get a skein of hand dyed sock yarn as a gift (it's wool and nylon and a lovely purple/cream/pink combo of colors) After the alpaca, we went to Wonderful Garden for chinese food and then I played around with jewelry making. For dinner I made Orange beef (hubby was going to make it, but worked called and he had to telecommute). I had a wonderful Mother's Day.

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