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Monday, April 16, 2007
I'm a Great Aunt Again!
Baby blanket for Ms Donna's grandbaby. Modeled by Molly the Giraffe. Commissioned blanket.

My Marine Nephew just became a daddy. His first daughter was born at 10 something last night. (I was called with the details early this morning and promptly forgot them when I fell back to sleep. The joys of watching my step niece and nephew while their little sis was born). Mommy and baby are doing fine. I haven't seen my new great niece yet, but I'm told she resembles her mommy. Now I just need to finish her baby blanket and stop in to visit her.

Dear little great niece,
~Always remember to be yourself, it is who you will be best at being.
~Always be true to yourself, even if it means not following the crowd. They will follow you in time.
~Always seek what truly brings your joy in life, don't waste time on what others say will bring you joy.
~Always welcome new knowledge into your life, the more you know the farther you will get.
~Always meet people with an open mind, you never know who you may meet or who's life you will change.
~Always embrace life, you only get one chance at this, you should enjoy it.
~Always allow art into your life, it helps your brain problem solve and it soothes the soul.
~Always have dreams and goals, if you don't have an idea of where you want to go, how can you go there.
~Always smile and never be afraid to cry, emotions soothe the soul and light up the darkness.
~Finally, always love, the world needs more love.
Auntie Angel.

PS. Have fun with this life.


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