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Monday, April 02, 2007
Birthdays and Wonderful Finds
First, let's hear it for the Birthday-Dude! Hubby added another candle to his cake on Sunday. We didn't realy do much of anything exciting. Wow! I guess it was a gift in it's own way, a day with no plans and no one sick. We did mark the day with a special cake, I made from scratch carrot cake with real cream cheese frosting. It's so rich and yummy. Happy Birthday Hubby!
I indulged in a little thrift shopping today. At the SA, I found a bunch of nice shirts to wear to work and a display stand for $5. Yeah! This evening I met my neighbor while she was putting out her trash. I scored a jewelry box full of jewelry (see above picture), 4 stools for my house, a wok, and a wooden cigar box. I hate to see good stuff tossed in the dump and she was very happy to no see everything go to the dump. I love days like today.
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