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Thursday, March 08, 2007
Snow Day
Yesterday was a snow day! You know, snow days are more fun then you are a kid, they are a pain when you are a grownup and a parent. I did have a lot of fun in my own way. I helped make Easter eggs and I learned a new skill. I have one of those great jobs where while I work, my daughter gets watched. Princess spent the day shoveling show, playing in snow, playing with a baby, and just hanging out. Meanwhile, I helped make coconut cream eggs (they smelled yummy), orange puff candies (had to taste test for quality control purposes, yummy), and peanut butter eggs and mini eggs (mini eggs were tested also for quality control purposes and they were yummy). I also learned to cup candy. Until I got the hang of it, all that went through my mind was when Lucy in I Love Lucy was working on the assembly line. I did much better than Lucy did.

After I got off work, Princess and her sous chef decided to play with their Easy Bake ovens. They made pizza and mac-n-cheese. Princess will make a wonderful cook someday as long as she doesn't keep losing her directions. She has the habit of laying them down and forgetting where she put them. It was like a comedy act in my kitchen. I told Hubby that Princess should have a cooking show on the Food Network, "Cooking with the Keystone Cops". I wish I could have taped it for you all. It was just like an old Keystone Cops movie, only with kids cooking.

All and all, it wasn't a bad snow day. Today, it's going to be a bit of Spring! Yeah right-it's a tropical 9F out there. So when you can't have Spring, you make your own Spring. I'm bringing the Easter candy down to the Market stand this morning. Along with some really cool St. Pat's Day candies. Yeah! The Easter Bunny has arrived in my candy stand.

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  • At 12:26:00 PM, Blogger ~Tonia~

    It sounds like you all had a great time. Of course you had to taste the candies for qualitly control. You wouldn't want to sell it to customers being bad. =)