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Friday, January 19, 2007
Doesn't it Figure
After I made the big rant about how I feel people are over reacting about crime in the downtown area, I go to work the next day and find out that a soul food restaurant right around the corner from Market was robbed at gunpoint.  Nobody was hurt.  Does this make me feel unsafe?  Not really.  I feel sorry for the people at Ezekiel's because they were held up and I'm thankful that they are all OK.  Maybe it's because the robbery happened late in the evening and I'm usually not downtown at the time but I'm not scared to go to work.  Market is still a fantastic place.    
I'm still decorating the Market stand for Valentine's day.  My paper cutting hearts are getting a lot of positive comments.  It's starting to look really nice down there.  I have to finish my conversation heart border for the stand and the new jar labels and then I think it may be decorated.  What fun I can have with colored paper and curling ribbon!  The Valentine's candy arrives on Tuesday and the stand is ready for it.  I'm not usually a gushy romantic, but this year I've been hit with Cupid's arrow.  I guess having a boss that lets me loose and loves what I do helps keep the creativity active.
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  • At 5:28:00 PM, Blogger ~Tonia~

    Wow how scarry for them. I hope that it was a one time incodent and isn't a prediction for more to come.

    Yay for having a boss that will allow you to express your creativity.