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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Perceptions and Missing Out on a Treasure
As I've mentioned before, I work at a farmer's market in downtown York City, PA.  York is a small community and is one of the safest cities in the area.  While at Market working today, a group of us got to discussing how people are afraid to go downtown to Market.  Somewhere along the way, people in the suburban and rural areas of the county got the impression that if you go downtown, the moment you step out of your car, you will be mugged and shot.  It's a perception that is wrong.  I park in a parking garage twice, sometime thrice, a week and walk over to Market.  During the day you get to meet all types of interesting people, many of them polite and friendly.  Yes, there are homeless in the area, but they generally don't want to bother anyone.  I walk to various businesses within a 4 block radius of Market and have never had any problem.  I visit the library downtown in the evening and feel safe in the area.  Personally, I've had more trouble with people in and around the York Fair than I have had downtown.  And you know what, despite the problems they have every year at the Fair, problems worse than those during the daylight downtown, people don't stay away from the Fair.  The only real problem downtown is parking and the parking garages are cheap and usually have decent spaces. 
What are people missing out on by not visiting Market.  They are missing out on me and my smiling face, some excellent ice cream, gourmet candy at excellent prices, a wonderful selection of bulk herbs that are top quality (the catnip at the Herb Gypsy stand is incredible), yummy tacos, fine local and organic produce at prices that put the grocery stores to shame, locally butchered meats, crabcakes that even a Marylander could love, local artists, incredible shops (soaps, antiques, beads, art), and some of the friendliest people in York county.  Did I mention the soft pretzels and the fresh baked goods?  I guess I just can't imagine why anyone would let misplaced fear and prejudice keep them away from such a wonderful  treasure.  Farmer's Markets are falling to the wayside all across this country.  They really are incredible places.  And if nothing else, the Market building is an incredible piece of architecture.  Do yourself a favor and visit your local farmer's market. 
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  • At 2:23:00 AM, Blogger ~Tonia~

    We have a Farmers Market on Wednesdays. It isn't as fancy as yours, but you can get some awesome deals on vegies, fruits, home made breads, cookies, pies,etc. I love to go since it not only saves us $$ but it keeps the local people in business.