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Sunday, September 09, 2007
My Yard and the Deathly Hollows

First, this is the botah scarf that I finished the other week. It's crocheted out of red reclaimed wool. It will be a nice warm scarf for someone once the weather cools off. Right now, it's at the Central Market stand looking for someone to take it home.
At some point, I'm going to learn that my yarn hates me. I know hate seems like such a strong word, but in this case it fits. Last weekend, I was helping hubby with the yard by pulling some weeds (the township for some reason has a fit when the weeds are taller than 6 feet) and mowing the grass (I love pushing a mower). The yard got it's revenge. I ended up with another bout of poison ivy. I am so not happy with the yard. Thank Goddess for homeopathic poison ivy cures and calamine lotion.
In an effort to keep myself sane (for those of you who've never had poison ivy, when it itches it feels like thousands of little bugs crawling all over your skin, and you can't scratch it), I escaped into reading. I read Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows in three days this weekend. I'm sad to see the series end but the story rocks. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to yell at the characters, and, most importantly, I forgot all about scratching for a little.
In other news, Mr. Tibbles has found a roommate. He now resides with a cat named Miss Lily. Miss Lily took an instant liking to him and has been chewing on him ever since. Now I just need to make a companion for Mitzi and find them homes. Making the mice is fin and each one takes on a personality.

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  • At 1:40:00 AM, Blogger ~Tonia~

    Poison ivy sucks. I have been told that bleach will help it stop itching.

    The scarf is so pretty. I am sure that someone will have the urge to take it home.