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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
The home hunt continues. We have two choices so far that we like. I won't tell you much about them yet because I don't want to jinx things if one is to be our new home. We have seen some scary places. I tend not to want to live in any place that would require the services of a hazmat crew and/or an exorcist before I can move in.

Hubby, Best Friend, and I went to hear another friend of ours speak last Friday. He's a paranormal researcher (aka: a ghost hunter). I've always loved ghost hunting and would love to get into it. Now that Princess is older and after the move, I'm thinking of trying a few public hunts. I grew up in a haunted house (it was a friendly house) and have always been facinated by spirits. The lecture was excellent and it was nice seeing my friend again.
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