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Sunday, June 04, 2006
Spinning Wool Candy Cane
I was playing around with my drop spindle the other day. I'm a self-taught spinner and nowhere near good at it, but I find spinning to be very relaxing. So I grabbed a hunk of fushia colored corridale from England that I had purchesed a while back and began spinning it. I made this lovely length of lace to sock weight single. Then I decided to try plying on the spindle. This is the part where my husband should check my meds and make sure I'm not taking double doses of anything. I dug through my stash (I wasn't in the mood to spin another single) and found a white lambswool/angora laceweight that I had recycled from a sweater. I started my first experiment in plying. My plys are not even and some parts are over spun, but I had fun. I have a new appreciation for the women of old who spun all the thread they had with a drop spindle. Let's face it, if I had to spin, weave, and sew my family's clothing we would be nude. You can all thank the Goddess for clothing stores, otherwise, my hiney would be uncovered.
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