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Friday, July 14, 2006
A Reason of Happy Dancing
Yesterday was a very special day in the world and it was celebrated by a select few. It became official yesterday that the planet is 8 pounds lighter than it was 2 weeks ago. That was eight pounds freely given in the battle against diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. I’m eight pounds closer to a long life (and eight pounds closer to having to hope that my daughter picks out a good home for me when I’m old and senile.) I think I may have done a happy dance in the dietician’s office. Can you tell, I’m proud of myself?

And then last night I depressed myself. I had been working on a pair of shorts. It came to the point in the process where I had to try them one to adjust the elastic. Dummy me, I made the shorts a size too small! I think you could hear my happiness balloon pop on the other side of the state. I so wanted to cry. I then went back to the pattern and realized I made the wrong size. It’s still annoying, but on the bright side, I have brand new shorts to wear when I lose a few more pounds.

Just as a side note: If anyone finds 8 pounds wandering around, please, send it to visit someone who really needs to gain the weight. I do not want it back.
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