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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Oh Hail!

Yesterday was hot! It was another one of those days when the cats wouldn't even sit in the windows. Me, personally, I hid in the ac all day and knitted or surfed the web.

And then things changed. I started to make dinner and noticed that it was getting dark outside. Ok, wait, it's not December yet? That can only mean one of two things, 1)some volcano blew and were in the ash cloud (to my knowledge, PA doesn't have volcanos, so I think I"m safe from that one) or 2) there is a thunderstorm heading my way. Then I heard the wind slam into the side of the house. yep! It's a storm heading this way. So I call the kid in from playing at the neighbor's house and continue with dinner. Not more that 5 minutes after hubby got home from work, it started to pour. I mean raining horizontally in sheets pour. The cats loved what happened next. It sounded like someone was throwing pebbles at the house. We got hail. Hail is one of those cool things that facinate me. The picture above is of some of the hail on the back deck. It was about pea size and melted very quickly. Needless to say, it stormed on and off most of last evening.

But that was ok. It gave me time to indulge in one of my favorite things. Guilt free knitting. Since the TV was out (no satilite signal) and the computer was off because of the storm, I gleefully knitting on my sock. I am proud to announce that Fruity Pebbles is finished!

Fruity Pebbles Socks

pattern: didn't have one. I planned to use one, but just liked them knitted with nothing fancy going on.

Yarn: Pattons Kroy in the Colorbox colorway

Needles: Size 1 doublepoints. They were from a box of old knitting needles I picked up at a yard sale last summer.

Notes: I like the yarn, it was the first wool sock yarn I have ever knit with. I like the feel of wool sock yarn. I love the colors, but I wish they would have pooled a little more. They are very colorful and very comfortable.
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