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Friday, July 28, 2006
I had this goal when I found out we were moving…my goal was to complete as many unfinished projects as I could before we moved. Let’s check in and see how I’m doing

Fruity Pebbles Socks—done!
Joan’s Goddess Doll—Done!
Color Challenge Doll—Done!
Shell Shorts—Done!
Vineyard Socks—In Progress
I-cord Rug—Done!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I finished another project. I just made the last stitch on the I-cord rug a little while ago. I’m so happy.

The details:
Yarn: Recycled Men’s wool sweater for the Cream colored yarn (approx. 1000 yards)
Red Heart Acrylic yarn in Navy Blue (approx. 1000 yards)
Red Heart Acrylic yarn in White (aprox 100 yards)
Note: it took 1 yard of each blue and cream to knit two inches of I-cord

Needles: Two size 8 double point needles. I don’t have a maker for you because they came in a box of old needles from a yard sale.

My own. I based it off of the rag rugs my grandmother would make but instead of crocheting them together, I knitted I-cord and sewed it together.

Misc: One yarn needle, scissors, 10 band aids ( I kept stabbing my finger with the yarn needle)

What the rug will be used for It is going to go inside my new back door.

And Tara Mater has gone to her new Mommy so I can show you all her picture.

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