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Thursday, August 31, 2006
It's Back to School Time

Yesterday was the first joyous day of the school year around here. Princess was thrilled to go back, even it she was nervous about attending a new school. It was oddly quiet around here all day, even the cats kept looking for the little girl who always makes noise. But, alas, she arrived home again full of chatter about her day. She likes her teacher and her new school. And as a bonus, I was told the school lunches at the new school were much better than the ones at her old school. I like the lunch program at this school, they really encourage the kids to eat healthy and use lots of whole grains and don't fry anything.

Now as soon as I can finish unpacking, I can get back to art. I did work on my Broadripple socks yesterday and I think I'm about to do my heel flap.
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  • At 11:52:00 AM, Blogger Dorothy

    The first day of school. I'm glad it went well for your daughter and that your school is intelligent and informed enough to promote healthy eating.