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Friday, August 04, 2006
Come Sail Away...

Oh, how I'd love to be,
by the sea,
Where the cool ocean breeze blows.
Where the daily high was June's lows.
Come sail away with me,
to a land of cool,
or at least one with a shaded pool.

My Ode to August--Angelvista, 2006

Ha! I bet you guys didn't know I was a poet. Someday's the muse strikes in words and somedays in arts. I've never been able to channel which way she will hit.

The picture is my latest dishcloth. It's a sailboat knitted from a pattern by Rhonda White. (I'll add her link, when I find where I wrote it down at.)

I'm getting a nice pile ready for the new place. It's ours now! We signed the lease on Thursday evening. Yeah! Now, I need to get my butt in gear and finish packing. I repacked some of my yarn and fabric this morning, I now have 5 trash bags in the dinning room full of fabric and yarn waiting to move. I promised myself a lot of knitting and sewing when the move is done. I believe it is time for a fabric and yarn diet (at least for a short while).

Speaking of diets, my appointment with the dietician went well on Wednesday. I thought I really blew it because I've been living on ice cream (or at least eating a lot more of the stuff than I should eat). Well, the good news is I didn't totally blow it. I lost 5 pounds! Yeah! The Earth is 5 pounds lighter.
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  • At 6:30:00 PM, Blogger Dorothy

    Great job on the weight loss!

    I like the sailboat washcloth. so cute. I may have to follow that link and make one of my own.