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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Went on a Dinosaur Hunt

I try to be one of those parents who takes an interest in thier kid's education. My daughter's class is making dioramas of dino life and my daughter needed a rubber dinosaur for her diorama. So my neice, my husband, and I went on a dino hunt.

Princess really wanted a ptaradactal (or however you spell it) because that is her favorite dinosaur. So we dropped Princess off at Girl Scouts and went hunting Pre-historic critters.

Life is made up of sureal moments and I believe the dino hunt counts as one. How often do you have three adults sitting on the floor at Target playing with rubber dinosaurs (and the occasional other animal) while trying to figure out which one a 7 year old would like best because the store is sold out of her favorite dino. After much debate we decided on the bracheasaurus in the picture. I named him Schnieder just to be silly. What made Schnieder the dino of choice....he resembled a giraffe. By the way, Princess has renamed and regendered the dino. It is now a girl dino named Girrafie.
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