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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Second Pair of Socks

I'm happily knitting away on my second pair of socks. I like the yarn for these much better than I liked the yarn for the last pair. This pair is being made from Pattons Kroy sock yarn in the bright, but fun colorway of PaintBox. I'm using the same basic pattern as the last pair, except I'm doing the cuff as knit on row, K1P1 one row (the pattern has a name but i can't remember what it is called--honest, I found it in the 365 Knitting Patterns perpetual calender.) Like I said the color is bright, it reminds me of spilled Fruity Pebbles. I'm halfway through the foot on the first sock and should have it done to model soon.

Good news from my hand doctor today. My hands are healing from the carpal tunnel surgery very well and my tendonitis is healing and won't need surgery. Someday I may have hands that work like normal people's hands
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