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Monday, February 27, 2006
The Adrenalin Rush of Knitting
I confess, I'm a fiber geek. I destress by playing with yarn and fibers. I can discuss the merits of various fibers for hours. I have fibergasams. And now it seems I get an adrenalin high from knitting.

I learned to knit less than a year ago. Part of why I wanted to hearn to knit was so I could make socks. I love funky socks and so many sock yarns are those funky colors I love. As faithful readers know by now, I learned to crochet socks the other week. I've known how to crochet 30 times longer than I've known how to knit. By learning to make socks by crocheting them I learned the parts of a sock and how they go together. I confess, I have a fear of knitting socks. I'm worried that I will mess up and ruin all the pretty sock yarn. But you know what? It's a silly fear and it is one that I need to get over.

Friday night, Hubby, Princess, and I went to the local craft store and I bought sock yarn. I wanted to drive over to the Mannings and get yarn there, but I just didn't have the time. I got home, petted my yarn, picked a pattern, and cast on. I messed up my first attempt and after about an inch of cuff, I frogged it. Then I started over. Before I knew it, it was midnight. I was so excited that I was making progress on socks that I was afraid I wouldn't be about to sleep for a while.

I spent more time this weekend working on sock 1 and I'm thrilled. I just finished row 20 of the cuff. I'll keep posting pics as I progress.
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  • At 2:43:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    I started my first pair of knitted socks last Thursday. I crocheted for years, but haven't done that in at least 10 years. Like you I want to knit lace and socks. I'm working on the "Branching Out" scarf and my first pair of socks. I love the colors in your socks.