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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
My First Crochet Socks

I'm so proud of myself. I love the idea of handmade socks, but always had a fear of the heel shaping. Well, the other day I found a pattern online for a pair of crochet socks that could not be simpler. So I started to crochet these of Saturday night while watching Cartoon Network (it's a Saturday Night thing around here, we love the anime). By Sunday night I had the first sock finished (the one currently on my right foot). Monday and Tuesday were quiet time days in my house because my husband was home with a stomach flu. So I kept quiet while he rested and crocheted the other sock. I finished it yesterday around 1:30. Less than 4 days from start to finish. They are made from yarn that I recycled from an ugly sweater. The fiber content is a lambswool/angora blend with just a little nylon in it. I have to agree with the Late Albus Dumbledore on this one, there is nothing better than wool socks on a cold day. I'm not working on a silk/wool blend pair at this moment.

I took the silk/wool ones with me to my daughter's Girl Scout meeting last night. They were getting awards and I wanted to get pics of it. So, I'm sitting there waiting for the meeting to start, chatting with the other parents and working on my red socks. It fascinated everyone that I take sweaters and make things like socks out of them. The girls just loved watching me and how fast I crochet. For the record, no! I have no desire to teach a troop of 18 Brownies how to crochet. I taught them to sew earlier in the year and that was enough for me for a while.
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  • At 3:49:00 AM, Blogger Hashi

    Very cool socks!

  • At 11:06:00 AM, Blogger Mim Smith Faro

    Nice socks! I crochet and just learned to knoit but I've never attempted much of anything other than squares! I like your sigtags and faux postage especially :)