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Friday, January 27, 2006
Still Creating Away
Let me start with the great news...i went to the surgeon yesterday and he told me that my hands are healing very well. In fact, the strength and dexterity in my hands are better than he was expecting. Yeah!

I've been busy working on my i-cord rug this week and sadly, I don't have a picture of it. Ugh! I keep forgetting to photograph it. I'm in the process of knitting i-cord and sewing the cord into a round to make a rug for inside my front door. I love the look of crocheted rag rugs but wanted something slightly different. I can knit i-cord for hours without looking at it and carrying the yarn and cord in my purse takes up next to no room. I promise I'll get pics up soon.

I've also done some more scrapbooking this week and I'm making ATC's for a swap in one of my Yahoo groups. I just haven't felt like taking pictures.

I do have some images to decorate my blog with. I made Signature tags again last night. This week I have a different partner and the theme was blue.
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