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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Dandelions in January

Dandelions in January
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My daughter was outside playing in the yard, enjoying the unseasonable weather when she found two dandelions blooming. Being that she is my daughter and loves to bring me picked flowers, she presented me with the dandelions she found. I know that they have a picked shelf life of minutes, os I grabbed my camera and snapped two pics of them. One if a full color photo that captured the sunshine color of them very well and the other was a sepia toned image that just captures the fragle beauty of the flowers. I decided that these little flowers needed to be imortalized. I used Paint Shop Pro and made this little scrapbook -style image of them.

The inscription reads: "Dandelions in January/ Picked by my daughter/ From a yard that should be/ covered in Snow!"
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