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Thursday, February 02, 2006
Blessed Imbolc

Today is Imbolc It's a pagan festival that celebrates the first blessings of spring. We also bless our houses today. We're having Irish food for dinner and doing a little house blessing. I also have some craft time planned with my daughter tonight. She's really into making ATCs.

The picture at the left is a finished work of mine. It is titled "lady in the Blue Dress." She was handdrawn using oil pastels and then framed with a watercolor painted paper that bears the inscription "She is as eternal as the Seven Seas,/ She is as changng as the tides,/ She is as deep as the deepest oceans,/ She is the reflection of all you see." The verse is an original by me. She was then mounted on another piece of blue paper and placed in a shabby chic frame. Between the outside and inside borders of the frame I did quilling in colors to compliment the drawing. The drawing is under glass and the quilling has been sealed in a layer of glossy modpodge. I really like how this piece turned out. It's feminine and colorful, fun and pretty. I plan to list it on eBay very soon.

I also had the joy of taking apart the i-cord rag rug I've been working on because it warped. Handmade rugs are allowed to have a little wibble in them, but this baby was not a rug, it was a bowl. It has enough of a wave in it you could go surfing on it. It took me two hours to undo the rug and It's been another three hour's work sewing it back up, and I still have lots more sewing to do. I figure I would be able to sew more but I watch TV while I hand whipstitch this baby together and all too often I get involved in what I'm watching and forget to sew. Last night I got so involved in Mythbusters that I jabbed my finger about 5 times with the blunt needle. For the record, blunt needles to hurt when you jab yourself with them.

I finished my daughter's purse for her Barbie doll. I'll photograph it and share with all of you when I figure out where she hid it.

Until next time, keep making art!
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