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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Irish Wool Sunglasses Case

The backstory: I'm photophobic, or in simpler terms, bright light hurts my eyes and gives me headaches. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a vampire! I also lose my sunglasses all the time. Ok, maybe I'm a ditzy vampire. Since leaving home without my sunglasses on a long trip (or a short one) could result in a headache and car sickness I keep a spare pair in the door of the car. Well, they rattle against the plastic of the door and after an hour of hearing this on his daily comute, my husband is very annoyed. I've been given an untimatum--remove the sunglasses or find a holder for them.

Ok, now the project: last week I took a neighbor lady to the doctors. She's older, doesn't drive, I needed to do a good deed, etc. While waiting for her I started to crochet a sock but realized that it was too tight and didn't have a larger needle with me. So, I decided to make that glasses case I've been promising to make. The case was crocheted from recycled Irish wool that came from a men's sweater. The sweater said it was made from virgin wool, but since it has been knit into a sweater, I figured it was no longer a virgin.

The moral of the story: Idle hands frustrate husbands, busy hands keep him happy.
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