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Thursday, March 02, 2006
The Sock Cuff is Done

So far the whole sock thing wasn't too hard. K2P2 rib is simple. This part was meditative. Now I'm up to the part that I am dreading. There are just some complicated looking stitches in the heel.

My husband keeps telling me that some knitting terms sound like euphamisims for adult things. Gee, wonder what "turning a heel" is the polite way of saying?
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  • At 12:09:00 PM, Blogger Annie

    Beautiful. I always admired people who can create things with yarn and fabric. I have a sister who does some beautiful work - me -I cannot sew on a button correctly.

  • At 8:38:00 AM, Blogger MARYBETH

    I just LOVE your color choices and combos!