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Sunday, March 05, 2006
First Pair of Socks--Half DONE!

In life I believe in celebrating the little things. I'm proud to celebrate the completion of my first sock. I finished it last night while watching some program on the vices of the ancient Romans. I would have done the happy dance but 10:30 at night isn't condusive to loud happy dances, so instead I tried my sock on and did a shimmy. I'm waiting until I get both socks finished before I model them. You will just have to wait and hope I knit fast (sorry, fast knitting is not one of my abilities).

I took a little trip to the Mannings in East Berlin, PA today. They are my local yarn store. I love going there and "petting the wool". I had such a hard time deciding on what yarn I wanted next to make socks with. I can't buy a lot of yarn at one time to two reasons: 1) it's not in the budget (for some strange reason my family feels that groceries are more important than wool) and 2) if I acquire too many yummy sock yarns at one time I will want to knit with them and then I will never knit the second sock to any pair of socks I make. I did splurge a little. I bought this beautiful yarn called called C.W. Ewe, it's a limited edition 100% superwash wool that is hand dyed for the Mannings by Wool in the Woods. I don't know the colorway's name but according to the label only 14 skeins were dyed in this colorway. It's beautiful and bright (the colors range from a deep fushia to orange, to yellow, to lime green. Can we say bright socks? I knew you could. I'll post a pic of it as soon as I get one. It's so soft and yummy and the sample sock that was there was beyond comfortable. I also bought myself a set of size 2 Brittany double points. They are beautiful but I'm half afraid to use them, they look so fragile. I was told that they will stand us to a lot of abuse (good because I abuse my needles).

Well, I'm off to work on my second sock, my first one wants it's twin and Harry Potter the cat thinks two would make a nicer pillow than one.
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